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Visor hat of Forest Warden, 1970s - 1980s.

In black (very dark blue) wool gabardine, with emerald green piping and matching black band. Hat badge is in anodized aluminum. The side buttons shows State Forestry emblem. Sweat diamond is of the GLAVURS Uniform Factory in Moscow. Size 58 is stamped on the liner.

In good condition. There are some minor moth bites to the green piping which is nevertheless largely intact. The top of the crown has a few tiny snags and minor discoloration spots, no moth holes or significant stains. There are moth trackings to the underside of the crown that resulted in a couple of threadbare spots, but they are only visible at close inspection and will be completely unnoticeable when the hat is displayed on a shelf or mannequin. The black band is perfect. The sweat band is a bit stiff and has minor mildew spots on the inside; there are also some mildew stains to the liner which may clean off. The hat is nevertheless almost completely free of the usual mildew smell. The liner is torn in the area covering the cardboard stiffener of the band, but it is mostly hidden from the view by the sweat band and may be easy to repair if desired. Overall, the hat will display nicely despite some imperfections. A very uncommon piece of headgear from the Soviet period.

NOTE: This cap has been treated in our deep freezer, which we routinely use as a de-mothing precaution on our incoming wool items.

Item# 32994

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