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Medal of Honored Rationalizer (of Technology) of Georgian SSR, circa 1960s-70s.

In silver-plated brass. Medallion measures 26.1 mm wide and weighs 8.4 g not including the suspension and connecting link; overall weight with suspension and screw plate is 15.7 g.

In excellent condition. The suspension is original and complete including the rectangular back plate, retaining nut, and screw plate with mint logo. The ribbon is likewise original, nicely preserved. The connecting link is original and has not been cut.

The honorary title of Honored Rationalizer (for key technological improvements) of Georgia was established in 1959. The medal probably appeared much later, at some point from late 1960s - 1970s judging by its design. Relatively few of these were ever awarded.

Item# 32407

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