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Unit Citation for Participation in the Capture of Dresden (Stalin's decree #366 of 8 May 1945), issued on 15 June 1945 to Guards Junior Sergeant Igor Tsvetanovich.

Large format certificate, approx. 8" x 11". The artwork at the bottom signifies a tank unit, showing a Soviet tank smashing with its tracks a Nazi artillery position. The top shows a panoply of flags and arms, with a Guards badge in the center.

The document shows stamp of the military unit identified only by its code number 28459 and is hand-signed by the unit commander Guards Captain Galuzkin. Archival and Internet search both reveal that the unit was none other than 23rd Guards Motorized Brigade of the 7th Guards Tank Corps, 3rd Guards Tank Army, 1st Ukrainian Front. This illustrious brigade had an almost incredibly large number of awards, especially for a relatively small unit: Orders of Lenin, Red Banner and Suvorov. It played a very prominent role in the Battle for Berlin. Capt. Galuzkin - who at the time commanded one of its battalions - was decorated with an Order of the Red Banner for his many accomplishments during the battle. Operating on the southern flank of Berlin, his battalion destroyed a heavy antiaircraft position near the Berlin suburb of Zehlendorf, seized a railway station, and captured as many as 40 tanks and assault guns. It then broke into the southwestern outskirts of Berlin proper and forced the Teltow Canal near Stahsdorf thus opening the path for the entire brigade. Continuing its advance, the battalion broke though the German defense line southeast of Spandau, crossed the railway line, and spearheaded the brigade to link up with the troops of the 1st Belorussian Front - thus completing the encirclement of Berlin.

The document is in very good condition. It has been folded as customary and developed minor separations along the fold lines, but is overall very sound. Very clean, showing only age toning, no stains or soiling.

Research Materials: a copy of the recommendation to award Capt. Galuzkin (the brigade commander) with an Order of the Red Banner for the Battle of Berlin. Plenty of additional information about the 7th Guards Tank Corps is available in Vol. III "Red Storm" of the Charles Sharp's "Soviet Order of Battle in WW2" as well as excellent book "Race for the Reichstag" by Tony LeTissier.

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