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Order for Service to the Homeland in the Soviet Armed Forces, 3rd class, #80445, awarded on 25 May 1987 to Senior Lieutenant Aleksandr Malyovanyi.

Silver, enamels; measures 57.9 x 57.9 mm; weighs 61.9 g without screw plate. Early issue with "stubby" tips of the longest rays of the starburst (viewed from the reverse). Note the relatively low, 5-digit serial number.

Excellent, near mint condition. The enamel is perfect, free of flaking, contact marks or other wear. The star shows practically no wear, its apex and ridges are extremely crisp. The starburst is pristine. The screw post is full length, over 9 mm measured from the round retaining nut.

Sr. Lieut. Malyovanyi was born in 1959 in the town of Voznesensk, Nikolaev Region, Ukraine. He joined the Soviet Army in 1978 (apparently as an officer cadet) and starting from March 1986, served in Afghanistan as navigator of an AN-12 four-engine transport airplane with the 50th Special Combined Air Regiment attached to the 40th Army.

During his tour of duty in Afghanistan Malyovanyi proved himself as capable and committed airman. By November 1986, he had completed 550 combat sorties with a total of 620 hours in the air - often under enemy antiaircraft fire. During that year he took active part in the Khost, Herat and Kunduz operations. On one occasion while taking off the Kandahar airdrome, he detected a trail of rocket that was fired at his airplane. Acting with utmost composure, Malyonvanyi gave orders to take evasive maneuver and increase the rate of release of decoy flares. Under his directions the crew successfully avoided the rocket and then proceeded to complete their assignment.

Research Materials: Xerox copy of the award commendation and award record card.

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