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"Russia's War against Germany and Austria.
On the Austrian Front", stone lithograph, August - September 1914. A somewhat unique print in that it focuses exclusively on the Austrian troops being destroyed!

Medium size: measures 22 " x 16 ". No printer's designation or censor's clearance.

The lack of Russians in this image suggests to us that at this point in the battle, the Austrians were being finished off by artillery fire that was supporting various Russian cavalry and infantry units "From the Main HQ of the General Staff. Upon crossing the Galician border, our troops made a fighting march to Sokal which was occupied by an Austrian force comprising two infantry battalions as well as a lancer regiment, hussar regiment and a partial dragoon regiment. Upon inflicting serious losses and kicking the enemy out of Sokal, our cavalry threw them across the Bug River and blew up two viaduct bridges."

The print is in fair to good condition; we would recommend having it mounted on linen, primarily because there is a vertical fold that professional mounting should almost completely disguise. There are also incidental very small tears and fraying along the outer edges of the type that frequently occurs when a print is stored rolled and then stood on one end for a long period of time. One corner has suffered a tiny area of paper loss. Invisible from the front, there are four places on the back where acid-free tape was applied to stabilize the paper. Frankly, because the margins are so narrow at the top and the bottom, we might suggest considering placing the mat when framing right up to the edges of the print (after photographing the title and the caption for your records, of course).

Item# 31117

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