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"The Battle at Ivangorod", stone lithograph depicting a surreal, dream-like battle between Russians and Germans in the period before both armies saw the need for protective headgear.
Medium size: 22 " x 16". N.A. Filatov printers, Moscow. An almost impressionistic image of combat almost foreshadows scenes in one of the more "over-the-top" movies of the 1960s.

The text at the bottom (poorly printed and only partly legible) provides a description: "The enemy had concentrated huge forces in the area of Ivangorod. For over a week our forces kept at bay the fiercely attacking Germans who had a numerical superiority. On 2 October, our soldiers ferried field guns to the west bank of the Vistula that were then position against the right wing the of Germans. Simultaneously our strong column enveloped the enemy on the left flank. On 3 October, the decisive battle started which immediately changed the situation in our favor. The complete disorder in the enemy formations was brought about by our fortress artillery. The brutal bombardment from three sides caused veritable panic in the German ranks. The enemy artillery fell silent, unable to compete with the guns of our forts. Soon our infantry went over to the offensive. The strikes were aimed simultaneously at the front and both flanks of the enemy position. The Germans were unable to take the pressure and fled..."

The condition is very good. The colors are fresh if not outright almost psychedelic. There is only the slightest suggestion of crumpling or minor tears on the outer edges and virtually all have been corrected by the application of acid-free paper tape on the reverse. Nothing interferes with text, title or image. Frankly, while many hundred year old prints require a conversation with the framer as to the proper course he is to follow, this print is unique in that it really doesn't need special handling.

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