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The Battle near Gorodok, lithographic print, August - September 1914.
Dramatic recreation of a battle between Cossacks and Austro-Hungarian soldiers in the very earliest days of the First World War.

Medium size: measures 18 " x 14 ". Marked in the right hand margin with the name and address of the Moscow lithography firm of S. Mukharskiy, Moscow.

Russian Cossacks charge Austrian infantrymen and send them reeling. So confident was the artist in Russia's ability to crush Austria, he appear to have inserted the Austrian emperor, Franz Josef, and his heir apparent (and eventual successor), Archduke Karl, into the crowd of retreating enemy soldiers (both are on the left hand side of the print: the rifleman with the bushy white mustache and the mustachioed soldier in the high-crowned visor hat!). A subtle detail that may amuse history buffs!

The text at the bottom is as follows: "Petrograd. 6 August. Announcement of the General Staff. On 4 August at 12 noon, a German division reached the line of Gorodok - Kuzmin. Our cavalry engaged the enemy in a battle near Gorodok which lasted five hours. The enemy suffered losses due to fire and cavalry charges. The entire battlefield is covered by enemy corpses. Our losses are insignificant. At 7 PM on the same day the disorganized Austrian division retreated pursued by our cavalry."

The print is in good overall condition. The colors are still bright. There is minor tear at the top of the sheet and a tiny amount of paper loss on the very edge. There was some very minor edge crumpling across the bottom but the largest section of it was corrected with acid-free tape. None of it, however, interferes with the very dramatic central image. Beyond the drama that one always expects to see in Russian wartime battle prints, this image offers the extra satisfaction of allowing the viewer to see a couple of royal Hapsburgs getting their comeuppance, too.

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