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Soviet MVD OMON Special Forces Telnyashka, traditional striped knit shirt with maroon stripes.

New, unissued condition, with Russian Factory tag attached.

In 100% cotton; a comfortable, stretchy double knit. The stripes are woven, not printed, and are as maroon on the inside as on the outside (unlike the cheap imitations that don't have the "right" look from the beginning, these colors are durable and won't run with wear). Currently made in Russia, these are the shirts that are currently used by the Russian OMON and other MVD special forces (the shirts come from the same manufacturer in Russia that actually makes the shirts for MVD).

The OMON started using these back during the Soviet era; the T-shirt with maroon stripes is now an official part of the MVD uniform, although it is worn only by the same units that wear a maroon MVD beret (elite spetznaz forces and MVD honor guard).

Since this is actually an undershirt, the sleeves probably aren't supposed to reach all the way to the wearer's wrist. In many cases, Russian servicemen wear them pulled back up their forearms well toward their elbows. (1) SIZE: MEN'S Extra Small (Russian Size 44-46)

Measures approximately 34-35" under arms around the fullest part of the chest. The sleeves on these seem to average about 21" to 21.5 " in length from shoulder seam to "cuff".

PLEASE NOTE: a telnyashka should be washed in cold water and never in hot. It will shrink about a size if you wash it in warm water. It should probably be line dried rather than dried in a drier. Please remember: these are always worn very close-fitting (much tighter than in our photograph!), so expect your new shirt to have a very snug fit!

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