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Mikail Frunze, Bolshevik military leader and Civil War hero, poster features one of the most famous quotes from the early Soviet era.

20 3/8" x 31", 1985. Youthful Frunze smiles at the viewer. Artist shows correct early 1918 plow and hammer cap badge. Frunze's signature and quote, "All that we do, every action, should correspond to the highest ideals of the Revolution."

Excellent condition.

Frunze was a leader on the 1905 Revolution and was sentenced to ten years in prison for his efforts. Later escaped, fought in Moscow for control of the city in 1917. Played a huge part in the defeat of the White armies lead by Admiral Kolchak and General Wrangel in the Civil war. Unfortunately he allied with Comrade Zinoviev rather than Stalin in the immediate post-war era; as a result, he mysteriously died on the operating table while undergoing surgery that only Stalin seemed to think that he needed to have.

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