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M 1955 Tuzhurka dress tunic for an Artillery captain, 1956-58.

The tunic is in heavy gray napped wool, open collar, double- breasted, with red piping. Metal gold leaf motif decorations are pinned to lapels and cuffs (in lieu of much more expensive and easy to damage gold bullion embroidery). Brass branch insignia (crossed cannons) on lapels. Shoulder boards are 4-sided, in gold bullion with red piping and stripes and silver stars, attached Moscow manufacturer's label sewn in place in the inside pocket. Brass buttons are dated 1956.

About a size 40 with 25" sleeves (seam to cuff).

Very good condition. There are one or two small areas of surface dirt on the sleeves that would probably clean up with a brushing. The tunic has had moth problems - particularly on the cuffs, with the worst damage being to the left cuff (please see our photographs). there is a moth nip on the right lapel but when the tunic is buttoned, it is completely hidden. (We have freeze treated the tunic and it no longer has any active problems.) Displayed on a torso manikin with a shirt and tie, it presents well and actually looks quite "smart". Were it not for its association with temporarily disgraced Zhukov (whom Khrushchev summarily demoted from being Minister of Defense in December of 1957), this pattern coat would probably have been used by the Soviet Army through the entire Cold War era.

It is interesting to note that the words used to describe the the fabric's official shade translate as "steel colored"!

Please note: the shirt and tie are not included.

Item# 21567

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