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Unusual Imperial Russian Army Field Map dates to circa August of 1914, just prior to the great battle of Tannenberg and the decisive defeat of the Russian First and Second Armies by German forces led by General von Hindenburg.

Measures 25 " by 27 7/8". Many folds from having once been carried in an officer's map case. Penciled notations indicate locations of various Russian forces plus a few geographic details have also been added, apparently to help clarify locations and relative distances. Label in corner reads, "Schematic Map #4, Area of operations of the 2nd Russian Army, this map shows only paved roads."

The battle of Tannenberg lasted from 23 to 30 August 1914. Even though numerically superior, an incredible lack of cooperation and communication between the two Russian Commanders, General Samsonov and General von Rennenkampf, virtually insured that the Russian First and Second Armies would be defeated. As a matter of fact, the Russian Second Army was so completely destroyed in the battle that its commander, General Samsonov, killed himself on 30 August while still in the field rather than have to return to St. Petersburg and try to explain how he had managed to allow the destruction of an entire Russian army.

Naming the battle "Tannenberg" was deliberate on the part of von Hindenberg. The 1914 battle took place in virtually the same location as the infamous defeat (at least to German historians) of the famous Teutonic Knights by a Polish-led Slavic army at the Battle of Grunwald in 1410.

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