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Young Pioneer Organizational flag in almost unused condition showing the early membership badge, C the late 1950s.

45" long and 35" wide. In red cotton with gold colored embroidery and fringe. Shows the early version of the Young Pioneers membership badge, and the embroidered motto "Be Ready for the Cause of the Communist Party". Reverse is typically blank.

Excellent overall condition. This flag was obviously used (there are a few tell-tale tiny holes in the area of the hoist and the slightest suggestion of fading in that area, too, that show that it has been fastened to a pole) but the amount of visible wear is so small that someone might first think that it was unissued.

The design of Young Pioneer flags appeals to history buffs because many captured Soviet banners seen in WW II German snapshots were similar flags "liberated" from Soviet youth groups! It is possible, however, to date this specific flag to the late 1950s because it does not bear the early motto "Be Ready for the Cause of the Party of Lenin and Stalin"!

Item# 20930

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