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VII International Congress for Protection of Plants, Table Medal, 1975.

In Bronze, 65 mm. Obverse shows sculptured depiction of the Spasskiy Clock Tower of the Moscow Kremlin. Note interesting double-strike to the star on top of the Kremlin tower and the word "congress". On the reverse is an ear of wheat with the Red Cross emblem and raised inscription "Moscow 1975". The reverse shows hallmarks with the name of the engraver, V. I. Apukhtina, Leningrad Mint Logo and the date 1975 in 6 to 7 o'clock segment, near the edge. Only 150 of these medals have been struck - an unusually small number - making it among the most scarce of all produced by the Soviet Mint.

The purpose of the VII International Congress was not protection of endangered species but rather protection of cultivated plants from pests and diseases. This was one of several international conferences on agriculture held in the USSR that year. They coincided with some of the more famous international science projects - such as the joint Soyuz- Apollo spaceflight. The previously unprecedented scientific cooperation came with the temporary thawing of the tensions between the Communist bloc and the West which had been brought about by the Brezhnev administration's new "peace loving" policy (Soviet plans to conquer the world were put on hold for the time being).

In very fine to excellent condition. Shows few light scuffs and contact marks but the details are extremely well preserved and crisp.

/"Commemorative [Table] Medal of the Soviet Period, 1919 - 1991". A. Shkurko, A. Salykov, fig. 978/.

Item# 20892

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