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Portraits of His Majesty King of Montenegro Nikola I [Mirkov Petrović-Njego] and Crown Prince Danilo [Aleksandar Petrović-Njego].
A fine 1914 Father/Son pair of stone lithograph images. Printed in Moscow by the firm of Sytin.

Produced as a part of the general surge in patriotism caused by the declarations of war on the Russian Empire by Austria - Hungary and Imperial Germany. Each is rolled and a uniform 12 3/8" by 16 3/4" in size with colors as bright as the day it was first printed. The portrait of the King has a faint crease running from left to right located about 1 " from the bottom edge and a minor stain in the lower left hand corner; if the print were mounted on linen, the fold would disappear and, if framed, a mat would certainly cover the light stain completely. There is also a tiny tear of a 1/4" or less on the left side, not touching or affecting the printed area, which would also disappear under a mat. The portrait of the Crown Prince is virtually mint.

Nikola I Mirkov Petrović-Njego was King of Montenegro from 1910 to 1918, having ruled as Prince from 1860 to 1910. He was considerably adept at diplomacy particularly with regard to the government and ruling house of Imperial Russia; on his accession to the throne, the Tsar directed that he should be gazetted as a Field Marshal in the Russian Army, an honor that had bestowed by a Russian Tsar upon only one other foreigner, the Duke of Wellington at the time of the Napoleonic Wars. After the First World War, Montenegro was eventually absorbed into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and his son, Danilo Aleksandar Petrović-Njego, who had been the Crown Prince of Montenegro, went into exile.

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