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Large certificate for Honorary Revolutionary Weapon, a sword with the Order of the Red Banner of RSFSR inserted in the handle.
One of only 21 Revolutionary Honor Edged Weapons ever issued.

Issued on March 30, 1924 (based on February 2, 1921 award decree) to V. G. Vinnikov-Bessmertny, former commissar of 5th Cavalry Division.

Very elegant artwork depicting a scroll with large and colorful state emblem of Russian Federation, red banners with gold tassels, and a laurel wreath.. Size 13" by 17". See a very similar document and example of Honor Weapons in The Order of the Red Banner by V. Durov and N. Strekalov (Chapter 4, pp. 40-47).

The document is in very good condition. Shows the usual storage folds strengthened on the verso with two strips of backing paper. Moderate wear and several staple holes to the left margin, not affecting the text or the artwork.

The award was given for "distinction in October 1920 fights against the enemies of the Socialist Motherland in the area of railway stations of Novo-Spasskaya, V. Tokmak and Petrovskaya, where his division conducted an operation of utmost importance in the enemy rear". The fighting referred to in the commendation is the highly successful 500 km raid of 5th Red Kuban Cavalry Division into the rear of Vrangel White troops in southern Russia (near Crimea).

Earlier during the Civil War Vasily Vinnikov-Bessmertny was awarded with an Order of the Red Banner of RSFSR for his actions as commissar of 11th Cavalry Regiment against 2nd White Don Cossack Brigade. Later, in March 1921, he received 2nd Order of the Red Banner of RSFSR for participating in liquidation of Kronstadt rebellion of Baltic seamen.

Vinnikov-Bessmertny's distinguished military career is described in the article about him in the "Encyclopedia of the Civil War" published in Moscow in 1987 - Xerox copy and complete translation included (contains his photo).

. Included is also a complete translation of the document and of the article in the above "Encyclopedia" about the Revolutionary Honorary Weapon. According to the article, only 20 of Honorary Revolutionary Swords have ever been issued, most of them to top Civil War commanders of the Red Army, such as Frunze, Budenny, Voroshilov, Tukhachevsky, Timoshenko, Kamenev, and others. Additionally, there have been one Honor Dagger and three Honor Fire Weapons (pistols). To our knowledge, no other documents for Honor Weapon have ever been offered for private purchase.

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