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Banner of a Naval Infantry unit, circa 1970s.
In silk with gold fringe. A very unusual design, combination of a standard military flag and a Naval Ensign. 3 & 3/4 feet by 4 & 1/3 feet.

Front side shows the name of the unit, "Naval Infantry Brigade" embroidered in gold. Interestingly, there is no reference to the fleet that the brigade belonged to. Reverse side bears embroidered motto "For Our Soviet Motherland" - typical feature of Soviet military flags.

Condition is very fine overall, with a single small hole to the front, under the lower left corner of the Naval Ensign. The colors on the background of the Naval Ensign are subdued due to fading from sunrays. The fading is more pronounced on the front side of the flag, where it was apparently more exposed. Some minor discoloration to the white field of the flag, it has turned a slight pinkish shade due to exposure to rain or water causing the underlying color to bleed into it slightly.

Item# 11825

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