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     Home > SOVIET ORDERS AND MEDALS > Order of the Patriotic War

    Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd cl.

    Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd cl., Type 2, by the MZPP factory, #666619, circa early 1945 issue.

    Silver, 14 K gold (hammer & sickle emblem), enamels. Measures 45.4 mm in height, 43.1 mm in width, weighs 26.9 g without screw plate. This piece is from the last MZPP series. Features characteristic "lip" in the corner between the handle of the sickle and the backside of its blade. This particular specimen has a feature that makes in almost unique: a disc that serves as a screw post base, attached with lead-based solder. The addition was done before the assembly was completed at the factory, as evident from the fact that the rivets holding the hammer & sickle are punched through the screw post base. The added part was obviously due to flawed original attachment of the screw post. The low melting point, lead solder - as opposed to the regular silver solder - was apparently to avoid overheating the badge, a necessary precaution to preserve the enamelwork that had been already completed at that point.

    Although this type of alteration by the original manufacturer is extremely uncommon, a few other specimens with the same type of screw post base have been observed. All or nearly all of them are MZPP issues in the same serial number range. This is indicative of a recurrent error in technological process that resulted in faulty screw post - something that is not hard to imagine given that the MZPP factory didn't have nearly as much experience in producing decorations as either the Moscow or Leningrad Mint. The ad hoc screw post base solution saved cost by avoiding scrapping the expensive, nearly completed awards, and also made the reverse of the badges look acceptably neat (as opposed to having a blob of exposed solder.) It quite possibly also saved the management of the factory from some serious trouble!

    The order is in very fine to excellent condition. The enamel has nice luster and appears almost perfect to the unaided eye. There are a couple of miniscule flakes at the tips of the upper left and right arms - nearly unnoticeable without magnification - and a few microscopic contact marks and scratches elsewhere. The golden hammer & sickle emblem and the silver starburst do not show significant wear. The silver exhibits attractive even patina on both sides of the badge. The screw post measuring approximately 10 mm long is a couple of millimeters shorter than usual; we don't know if it was shortened during the repair at the factory of afterwards. Its current length is certainly more than sufficient for proper functionality. Original wartime screw plate is included

    Item# 31885


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