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    Imperial Russian 1913 Pattern Officer's Sabre, Provisional Government issue, 1917.

    Imperial Russian 1913 Pattern Officer's Sabre, Provisional Government issue, 1917.

    The curved and highly chromed 31 inch triple fullered blade is beautifully etched on both side with florals and also at one point had Nicholas II cyphers - removed in the days following the February 1917 revolution. The ricasso has stamped trademark and logo "WK & CEI SOLINGEN". Overall length in scabbard is 39".

    The hilt in gilded brass has a guard cast with florals on both sides; the pommel cup also once had a raised Nicholas II, professionally removed by the manufacturer before the sword was issued to its original owner. The grip is made of a brown hard composition material. The scabbard is in nickel plated steel. Overall a spectacular, high quality piece.

    The sword is in outstanding, excellent condition. The unsharpened blade is completely free of the nicks. The nickel finish is remarkably well preserved, shows none of the usual rust, chipping, or pitting, and has only miniscule amount of in-and-out wear. Not only the pommel cap is securely fastened in place, but also all the other component parts of the grip and guard are perfectly tight - not loose to the touch as is often the case. There is just minor wear to the nickel plating of the scabbard resulting in small areas that are somewhat duller than most, mainly in the lower part of the scabbard. There is also an almost undetectable amount of chipping to the finish rings and edge of the chape. None of the wear is really detractive to the eye or have resulted in significant exposed areas of bare steel.

    The grip is perfect, completely free of chips or cracks. The gilt finish on the hilt is exceptionally bright. To reiterate, condition of this saber in general is nothing short of astounding: it is among the best preserved examples of all the Imperial era edged weapons we have handled over the years.

    Introduced in 1913 for wear on non-parade occasions when uniform regulations required an officer to carry a sword. Officially worn by all commissioned ranks (including general officers) through 1917 and undoubtedly through to the end of the Civil war by those infantry officers who still had them.

    Many other officers were also permitted to carry this saber (i.e. artillery, railway, combat engineers). A broad cross section of staff and administrative officers were expected to own it, too - but not officers assigned to military schools! Any officer serving in a unit that was classified as "mounted" was expressly forbidden from carrying one. [The prime difference between this sword and the far more common M1881 dragoon shashka was the design of the scabbard and the placement of the rings; if an officer did transfer from an infantry unit to a mounted one or vice versa, all he would have needed to do is purchase a new scabbard upon arriving at his next assignment.]

    Even though this sabre was authorized at the time of the Romanov Tercentenary just before the outbreak of the First World War when the Russian Army was at its largest size in years, it is debatable how many Russian infantry officers actually purchased one of these. Sabers that survived the war probably did not survive the revolution and the civil war - at least completely intact. To find one of these swords in as good condition as this one is an uncommon event. Frankly, M1913s are far more likely to be found in highly damaged condition - and far too often with a fake inscription "for bravery" and added St. Anne or St. George badge added to increase its market value!

    Item# 31466


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