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     Home > SOVIET MILITARIA > Soviet Swords, Daggers & Bayonets
    Soviet Swords, Daggers & Bayonets
    $945.00 Navy officer dagger with sheath, WW 2 type without a button, numbered, dated 1945. In extraordinary, excellent condition.

    $490.00 Navy officer dress dagger with leather sheath, dated 1951. A magnificent early piece in superb condition.

    $375.00 Navy officer dress dagger with leather sheath, late version maker marked "Bulat", dated 1982. In excellent condition.

    $480.00 Army officer dress dagger with leather sheath, dated 1955. A very interesting and uncommon model with a simplified depiction of the Kremlin clock tower. In excellent condition.

    $450.00 Army officer dress dagger with leather sheath, dated 1955. Beautiful example of a less common dagger, in superb condition.

    $295.00 Army (Land Forces) officer dress dagger with leather sheath, "Bulat" maker mark, dated 1987. This piece is one of the small series of the Army daggers produced long after the 1958 change in Soviet uniform regulations. A very attractive example is in very fine to excellent overall condition.

    $695.00 Air Force officer dress dagger with leather sheath, dated 1952. Superb Stalin era piece in near mint condition - the best example we have seen in years, if not ever.

    $995.00 Special Presentation Box for a Soviet award dagger, circa late 1950s through 1960s. A version in medium-toned hardwood, with the round button and simplified locking mechanism. A very scarce accessory made specifically for the official award daggers. Very good to excellent condition.

    $1,300.00 Cavalry Shashka sword, dated 1945. Issued to officers and enlisted men alike, this is the so-called "Victory Parade" model (even though it could well have served its owner in the battle for Berlin or the summer 1945 blitzkrieg against Japan). A good example with nicely preserved blade and moderate wear to the lacquer of the scabbard.

    $1,990.00 M 1927 NKVD Cavalry Enlisted or NCO shashka, circa 1942-44 . Scarce sword with silver fittings unique to NKVD Mounted Troops and plain wartime pommel. Comes with original harness and correct Mosin-Nagant bayonet. In good condition.

    $25.00 M 1891/30 Mosin-Nagant bayonet, 1930s manufacture. In EXCELLENT condition.

    $375.00 Finish War era Tokarev SVT-40 bayonet with scarce teardrop (ball finial) scabbard and integral OD canvas frog, circa 1940. Excellent example.

    $495.00 Combat Engineer's Knife with original rubber scabbard and frog, by the Trud Factory in Vacha, early 1940s. A very scarce weapon used primarily by Soviet NKVD saboteur teams. Nicely marked on the blade. In superb condition.

    $650.00 M1945 Army General's Belt in gold bullion brocade for wear with the dress uniform, complete with dagger hangers, dated 1947. Extremely well made piece, better than the general dress belt of later years. In superb condition. This can be a beautiful addition to a Soviet Army or Air Force dagger or to an M45 General's "Victory Parade" uniform.

    $295.00 Navy Admiral full dress brocade belt with dagger hangers, dated 1989. Gold-plated brass buckle shows Soviet state emblem. Excellent quality and condition. Maker marks to the liner.

    $745.00 M 1941 Navy Admiral or Officer full dress belt, 1941- 1947. Rare WW2 model featuring so-called "kind" lions on suspension buckles - as opposed to "angry" snarling lion heads on the 1947 version. Comes with dagger hangers, a magnificent complete set in excellent condition.

    $395.00 Navy Admiral or Officer full dress belt with dagger hangers, circa 1947-1948 issue. Very impressive early piece in gold brocade with black liner. Comes complete with dagger hangers, gilded hardware and belt loops. In very good to excellent condition.

    $450.00 Full Dress Belt with Dagger Hangers for Navy officer of Engineering or Administrative branch, 1947-1951. In silk brocade, complete with massive gold buckles and hardware for the dagger. Beautiful quality, uncommon piece. Excellent condition.

    $30.00 Naval officer's full dress belt with dagger hangers, adjustable up to a 44" waist, circa 1970s-80s. Excellent, unissued condition.

    $24.00 Army / Air Force officer full dress belt with dagger hangers, early to mid 1980s. Near mint condition.

    $195.00 Cavalry sword harness in leather, circa 1930s. Essential for the correct display of a shashka on a manikin.

    $350.00 NCO Cavalry shaska harness made in heavy canvas instead of leather, WW2 economy issue circa early to mid 1940s.

    $160.00 "Russian Edged Weapons", by Alexander Kulinsky. St. Petersburg, C. 2005. Russian Text. 10 1/2" x 8" x 1 3/4". 5 lbs. 581 pages. Hard cover. Hundreds of beautiful, large format color photographs. The ultimate reference book on this subject.

    $78.00 "Soviet Dirks", by Evgeniy Boldyrev et al, C. 2014, Russian and English text, 221 pp, large format laminated hard cover. A fantastic in- depth reference on Soviet daggers of all types and periods, with an incredible amount of factual information on years of manufacture, variations etc. The book also contains excellent information on dagger belts. This is going to be the ultimate reference source on the subject.

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