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    Headgear (other than visor hats)
    $775.00 M 1936 steel helmet, dated 1937. Nicely marked with original manufacturer's stamps and date. A great example with 2nd pattern replacement liner and original paint with clearly visible red star. About Russian size 58 (US 7).

    $950.00 M 1939 steel helmet, dated 1940. In very good to excellent condition, complete with the exceptionally rare Type 1 liner in ersatz leather and original chin strap. There is a clear LMZ factory mark with a 1940 date and size 2 (medium / large). This example is among the few best M- 39 helmets we've seen over the last decade. It can be a superb centerpiece for the advanced collection of Russian WW2 militaria.

    $875.00 M 1940 steel helmet (SSh-40), dated 1943. In very good to excellent condition, a nicely marked example by the Lysvenskiy Metal Factory. Comes complete with original liner pads and chinstrap.

    $850.00 M 1940 steel helmet (SSh-40), dated 1944. A very nice "textbook" example of a mid-war Soviet helmet, nicely marked and dated. Comes with well-preserved original coat of paint, complete original liner and original chinstrap.

    $90.00 M 1940 steel helmet (SSh-40), dated 1950. A nicely marked early post-WW2 / Korean War era example in very good condition. Comes complete with original liner and chinstrap.

    $50.00 Army enlisted man side cap, dated 1964. In olive drab "salt and pepper" cotton virtually indistinguishable from the fabric used in WW2. Size 53 (small). Excellent unissued condition.

    $35.00 Army enlisted man Pilotka Side Cap, in olive drab COTTON, 1970s - mid 80s, size 60. Nicely marked and in excellent unissued condition, shows storage age only.

    $8.00 Army Pilotka side cap for Enlisted Man or NCO, 1970s - early 80s. Size 57 (US 7 1/8). In excellent unissued condition; comes complete with a hat badge.

    $29.00 Navy officer side cap, dated 1988. Size 54 (small). Excellent condition.

    $17.00 Late Soviet Army "Panama" Cap, 1991 dated. Replacement tropical cap for the Afghanka.

    $1,300.00 M 1931 NKVD Border Guard Budyonovka Cloth Helmet, dated 1932. Approx. size 57 (US 7 1/8). In near mint condition, literally the best example we've ever had - impossible to upgrade for condition. A stunning museum quality piece.

    $8.00 Army field cap in olive drab cotton material, dated 1990. This model was widely used by Soviet servicemen in Afghanistan. Size 53 . In mint unissued condition.

    $10.00 Army field cap in olive drab cotton material, dated 1988. This model was widely used by Soviet servicemen in Afghanistan. Size 55 (US 6 7/8, Small). In mint unissued condition.

    $12.00 Army field cap in olive drab cotton material, dated 1988. This model was widely used by Soviet servicemen in Afghanistan. Marked Size 56 but actually measures at least 57 (US 7 1/8). In mint unissued condition.

    $295.00 M 1940 enlisted man winter ushanka fur hat, circa late 1940s - early 1950s issue. In "fish fur" wool pile with cloth top, complete with WW 2 type hat badge. Small size. In outstanding condition. Other than the early post-war maker's stamp, this hat is indistinguishable from a WW2 issue.

    $295.00 M 1943 colonel's papakha winter fur cap, circa late 1940s- early 1950s. Scarce WW2 model in very good to excellent condition. Approx. size 56 (US size 7.)

    $95.00 Female Military officer fur cap, dated 1986. Made in fine quality astrakhan lamb fur. This very uncommon model was used until the change in uniform regulations in 1988. In excellent condition.

    $140.00 Beskozyrka "Donald Duck" cap of a Naval Border Guard sailor, dated 1958. Attractive early piece with characteristically small crown, essentially WW2 style. Size 54 (US 6 3/4.) In excellent condition.

    $50.00 Navy sailor "Donald Duck" cap, summer model, dated 1977. Features unusual "Navy" cap tally worn by sailors on honor guard detail, enlisted personnel of central naval HQs, or members of other special naval units. Size 58 (about US 7 1/4). In very good condition.

    $55.00 "Donald Duck" Beskozyrka cap for a Baltic Fleet sailor, summer model, dated 1984. Nicely marked by a factory in Leningrad. Extra Large size 60 (about US 7 ). Excellent condition.

    $45.00 Navy sailor Beskozyrka "Donald Duck" cap, dated 1987. By an uncommon maker, a factory in the Pacific port city of Vladivostok, and features unusual generic "Navy" cap tally. Small size 55 (about US 6 ). In very good to excellent condition.

    $15.00 Kirov Higher Naval Academy cap tally.

    $25.00 Northern Fleet Cap Tally for a sailor's "Donald Duck" Beskozyrka cap. This scarce model was used before the honorific title of "Order of the Red Banner" was added to the name of the fleet in 1965. In excellent condition.

    $175.00 Air Force pilot heavy weight leather helmet, circa 1930s- early 40s. In black leather, with short flaps and fur liner. Approximate size 58. In good, solid condition with wear throughout and some losses to the fur on the interior, but still sound and presentable.

    $125.00 Paratrooper Hemet, dated 1953. The first post-war model of the Airborne Spetznaz jump helmet in excellent unissued condition. Size 57.

    $40.00 Airborne Spetznaz soft helmet, winter type, dated 1988. Excellent unissued condition, size 58.

    $85.00 Soviet Aviator's Leather Flight Mask, dated 1941. A very unusual part of the pilot's kit designed for flying in unheated cockpit in cold weather. In near mint condition.

    $99.00 M 1972 Naval Infantry beret, dated 1980. A very scarce early example in excellent condition. Size 56 (small).

    $34.00 Summer weight camouflage beret in KLMK "computer pattern", design dates to late 1970s - mid 1980s. Elasticized -- one size fits between 56 and 58. Manufactured 1990.

    $550.00 Fireman's Steel Helmetfeaturing a front plate with the insignia and motto of the Soviet Fire Department, circa 1920s-30s, size 56-57.

    $275.00 Motorcycle Police helmet, circa early 1980s. An early model featuring straight lower edge of the Plexiglas visor and smaller knobs on the sides. Standard type used by the Soviet GAI Highway Patrol Motorcycle Police. Approx. size 58, in unissued near mint condition.

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