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    Soviet Railway Awards
    $250.00 Honored Railway Employee badge, Type 1 in silver, circa 1940- 41. The screw post is repaired and serial number has been erased but the obverse of the badge is very nicely preserved.

    $1,495.00 Honored Railway Employee, Type 1, early miniature version in silver, #1730. Scarce, incredibly well made piece in very fine condition; includes original screw plate.

    $95.00 Honored Railway Employee badge, #112988, mid to late 1950s. Scarce flat back variation. Fine condition.

    $110.00 Honored Railway Employee badge, #149918, circa late 1970s-early 80s. A very attractive and well-made piece in near mint condition.

    $110.00 Shock Worker of Stalin Labor Campaign badge, Type 1, #53427, mid to late 1930s. Three-piece, riveted version. Very fine condition.

    $180.00 Shock worker of Stalin Labor Campaign badge, Type 2 ("flatback" with stamped serial number), #64995, circa late 1930s. In superb condition, extremely uncommon for the early version of the badge. Includes original mint marked screw plate.

    $30.00 Narkomat of Railroad Transportation ID card. Issued in 1939 to a female laborer at Tomsk Railroad in Siberia.

    $65.00 Excellent Railway Engineer / Locomotive Mechanic Badge, late 1940s-1950s.Outstanding, near mint condition.

    $90.00 Excellent Railroad Traffic Controller, 1940s. An early version in superb condition. Comes with original NKPS screw plate.

    $75.00 Excellent Railroad Traffic Controller badge, circa early 1950s. Excellent condition.

    $95.00 Excellent Railway Car Maintenance Man, circa 1950s. One of the more scarce badges of the "WW2 railroad proficiency" series. In excellent condition.

    $65.00 Excellent Railroad Builder badge, circa late-1940s - mid- 1950s. In fine to very fine condition. There are some tiny enamel chips that are not very detractive; the badge has very impressive overall appearance.

    $95.00 Excellent Railway Rebuilder Badge, circa mid-940s. An early version in outstanding condition. Comes with original WW2 type NKPS screw plate.

    $170.00 Excellent Railway Administrator badge, mid 1940s. One of the harder to find badges of the Soviet WW2 railroad proficiency series. In excellent condition and includes WW2 era NKPS screw plate.

    $25.00 Master in Assembling of Trains, circa 1980s. Near mint condition.

    $60.00 Excellence in Socialist Competition on the Railways, #106674, late 1950s - mid 60s. Outstanding, excellent condition.

    $10.00 Leningrad Subway pin, circa 1950s-60s

    $25.00 Leningrad Subway badge, 1955. Excellent condition.

    $45.00 Badge to a Builder of the Lenin Subway (in Leningrad), 1955. Well made piece in excellent condition.

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