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     Home > SOVIET ORDERS AND MEDALS > Soviet Table Medals
    Soviet Table Medals
    $490.00 300th Anniversary of the Reunification of Russia and Ukraine, 1954 limited edition bronze gilt table medal issued to Communist Party VIPs. Comes with original case of issue in Karelian birch with hallmarked silver presentation plaque. A scarce, beautiful and impressive set.

    $35.00 Table medal in bronze commemorating the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution, 1958.

    $15.00 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution, 1967. Issued in Komsomolsk-na-Amure.

    $25.00 60th Anniversary of the Soviet Union, Table Medal in dark bronze, 1982. In excellent condition.

    $20.00 To a Participant of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, from the Lenin Industrial Conglomerate, City of Lvov, 1985 table medal. In anodized aluminum.

    $25.00 "To a Veteran of the 47th Artillery Brigade", Table Medal Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Victory, 1985. An unusual design.

    $15.00 30th Anniversary of a Military Aviation Design Institute, table medal in aluminum, 1972.

    $20.00 Military unit commemorative table medal, circa 1960s-70s. Brass.

    $110.00 Felix Dzerzhinsky Centenary, commemorative table medal in bronze, with original fitted case of issue. Limited 1977 edition by the Moscow Mint. In excellent condition.

    $180.00 60th Anniversary of KGB, massive 85 mm table medal in bronze, 1977. Shows a Moscow Mint logo and exhibits high quality appropriate for the state mint production. In excellent condition.

    $35.00 Table Medal Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Western Border Guard District, 1974. In anodized aluminum.

    $125.00 Table Medal Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Dinamo (Sports Club of the Soviet Law Enforcement). A limited edition medal in Bronze struck at the Leningrad Mint in 1983. In Bronze. Features bas-relief of Felix Dzerzhinsky.

    $35.00 Lenin as a Student, bronze table medal, 1963.

    $35.00 "For Lenin's Truth", bronze table medal by M. Manizer, 1963.

    $35.00 "Electrification of the Country", bronze table medal by M. Manizer, 1962.

    $40.00 Award Table Medal for Communist Propaganda, 1960s-70s. Bronze, Leningrad Mint marked.

    $80.00 50th Anniversary of the Belorussian Communist Youth League, 1970. Comes with original fitted issue case. Extremely uncommon medal by Leningrad Mint, with limited circulation of only 626 pc. Excellent condition.

    $60.00 50th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Communist Youth League, massive table medal in bronze, 1969. Very impressive design and quality.

    $30.00 Table medal in bronze commemorating Yuriy Gagarin, the fist man in Space. Struck by the Moscow Mint in 1990.

    $44.00 Table medal in bronze commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Soviet Lunokhod, world's first lunar rover, and the 30th Anniversary of the world's first successful orbital spaceflight of two living creatures, dogs Belka and Strelka. Nicely designed piece struck by the Moscow Mint in 1990.

    $55.00 Large Table Medal Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Frunze Military Academy, with a deluxe fitted presentation case inscribed to a Hungarian VIP, dated 1980. A very interesting set worthy of further research.

    $40.00 Gold Medal of a Summa Cum Laude high school graduate, Russian Federation (RSFSR), 1960-1977 issue in gilded brass. In mint uncirculated condition.

    $40.00 Silver Medal of a Magna Cum Laude high school graduate, Ukraine, Type 3 (in silver-plated Melchior), 1960-1985. Near mint condition.

    $45.00 Silver Medal of a Magna Cum Laude high school graduate, Ukraine, Type 4, 1986 - early 1990s. In silver-plated brass. Excellent condition.

    $70.00 100th Anniversary of the Morozovskaya Strike in 1885, table medal in bronze, 1989 issue. One of only 800 pieces in circulation.

    $75.00 Fifty Year Anniversary of the Stakhanovite Movement in 1985, Table Medal in Bronze, struck in 1989 with an unknown mintage.

    $20.00 250th Anniversary of the Verkh-Isetskiy Metallurgical Plant, 1976, table medal in bronze.

    $60.00 50th Anniversary of the Belomor Canal, table medal in bronze, 1985 issue. Built by the prisoners of GULAG labor camps, this strategic waterway connected the White Sea and Baltic Sea. After the construction was completed in 1933, it was celebrated as one of the greatest achievements of Soviet industrial program, even though it cost thousands of lives of slave laborers. The table medal commemorating the construction was struck at the Leningrad Mint in 1985 (with a two years delay), and only 850 of them were ever made. The medal is in excellent condition.

    $50.00 Table Medal in bronze Commemorating Pavel Anosov, the Inventor of Russian Bulat Steel (Russian equivalent of Damascus or carbon steel), 1982. One of only 850 pieces in circulation.

    $120.00 VII International Congress for Protection of Plants, Table Medal in bronze, 1975. One of only 150 medals minted for the participants of the scientific conference in Moscow. In excellent condition.

    $12.00 Contest in Military and Technical Sports, DOSAAF table medal, 1970.

    $15.00 Moscow Tourist Club 40th Anniversary, commemorative neck medal.

    $45.00 Commemorative Table Medal of the Leningrad Mint, in bronze, 1991. One of the last medals of the Soviet period.

    $25.00 Cased Bronze Hungarian Lenin Propaganda Table Medal.

    $30.00 1968 Cased Hungarian "Furious" Lenin Bronze Table Medal

    $20.00 Unusual 60mm Lenin Table Medal, probably struck in one of the Warsaw Pact nations.

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