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     Home > IMPERIAL RUSSIA > Imperial Russian Badges and Jetons
    Imperial Russian Badges and Jetons
    $4,500.00 Badge to a Defender of Port-Arthur, Officer's Version in Silver, 1914 issue. Awarded to one of the survivors of the heroic 1904 battle of the Russo-Japanese War in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the siege. Beautiful historic piece in excellent condition. Comes with original wing nut and washer, both showing hallmarks matching those on the reverse the badge.

    $1,500.00 Officer Badge of the 96th Omsk Infantry Regiment, in silver, gold and enamels, 26 mm ("Prinzen" Size), 1908-1917. This elegant piece was possibly commissioned for a Lady of the Regiment - i.e. wife of one of its officers who was actively involved in providing support for the unit. Until now, there haven't been recorded instances of an officer's badge of this regiment being offered for sale (at least according to a recent reference book on the subject). Beautiful and very rare badge in very fine to excellent condition.

    $550.00 Silver Gilt and Enamel Commemorative Jetton for "Donations in Favor of Military Air Forces", early 1912 pattern. In excellent condition.

    $180.00 Army Sharpshooter's badge, 2nd cl., circa 1914-1917. In excellent condition.

    $120.00 Badge of a Mounted Reconnaissance Scout, 1st cl. in white metal, 1891-1917. This is a scarce version of the badge having positions of the West and East on the compass in reverse. The screw post is a replacement, otherwise extremely well preserved.

    $2,500.00 Silver, Gold, and Enamel Graduation Jetton from the Michael Artillery School in St. Petersburg.

    $750.00 Chuguev Infantry Officer School graduate badge in silver, #9238, 1913-1917. Attractive piece in Fine to Very Fine condition.

    $550.00 Graduate's Badge of the Konstantinovsky Artillery School in St. Petersburg, circa 1907-1917. Authorized on 23 December 1906 just prior to the prestigious school's 100th year anniversary celebration in 1907.

    $390.00 Imperial State University graduate badge, full size version in silver, 1908-1910. Relatively early, unusually large 65 mm piece by Eduard, showing maker mark "ИЛ" and silver Kokoshnik hallmark. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $1,250.00 Silver and Enamel Graduate's Badge of the St. Petersburg Women's Pedagogical Institute under the Patronage of Empress Maria Feodorovna. Only worn for three years from 1914-1917.

    $260.00 Miniature Graduation Badge in Silver and Gilt from the St Petersburg Practical Technical Institute of Emperor Nicholas I.

    $250.00 St Petersburg Bookkeeping School Graduation Jetton, inscribed to owner, 1914. In hallmarked silver and enamels. Excellent condition.

    $195.00 Fiftieth Anniversary of the Court Regulations (Procedural Law), 1914 issue. A very attractive piece in gilded bronze. In superb condition and includes scarce original wing nut. Awarded to distinguished law professionals in commemoration of the Alexander II's court reform of 1864.

    $350.00 Alexander II Coronation Jetton, 1856. Silver, 22mm.

    $140.00 Alexander III and Marie Coronation Jetton in light bronze, 1883. In near mint condition, with sharp details.

    $450.00 Double-sided Nicholas II Coronation Jetton in Silver and enamel.

    $650.00 Romanov Tercentenary Cross for the Clergy, bronze (brass gilt) version with cloisonné enamels. Awarded to Orthodox priests who personally participated in special church ceremonies on 21 February 1913 marking the 300th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $290.00 Red Cross Commune of St. Elisabeth, jetton in silver and enamel, by a St. Petersburg maker "L.P.", 1914 issue. Shows silver hallmarks and engraved name of the recipient on the reverse. This piece was awarded for volunteer work as well as a charitable donation, most likely for the benefit of Russian soldiers wounded in the first months of the Great War. An attractive piece in very fine overall condition.

    $295.00 Miniature Silver Distinguished Fireman Badge of the Imperial Russian Firefighter Society, C 1901. By Eduard, clearly marked on the pin.

    $780.00 Handsome Jetton of a District Manager in Russia's First National Census in 1897. Multi-part insignia in Hallmarked Silver and Enamel.

    $150.00 Jetton in Commemoration of the All-Russia Firefighting Convention and Exhibition in St. Petersburg, 1892. Attractive brass token in very fine to excellent overall condition, with beautifully preserved details.

    $250.00 Peace with Sweden Jeton, 1790. Fine condition.

    $95.00 Battle of Poltava 200th Anniversary Commemorative Jetton in bronze gilt, 1909. An attractive piece featuring a portrait of Peter the Great on one side and the battle scene on the other. In excellent condition.

    $130.00 Hallmarked Silver Jetton of the Nizhniy Novgorod Arts and Industry Exhibition, 1896. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $120.00 Patriotic War of 1812 Centennial Medal, circa 1912. A superb example by the State Mint with pristine details and nearly all of the original fire gilt finish present.

    $50.00 WW1 Jetton for Donation to Help Victims of War, by D. Kuchkin, Moscow. 1915. In very fine condition.

    $60.00 Russian February Revolution Jetton, February - November 1917. Version with the bright sun and the motto "Freedom, Equality and Fraternity" on the reverse. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $80.00 Russian February Revolution Jetton, 1917. An uncommon version featuring a specific date of March 1st, 1917. In excellent condition.

    $65.00 Russian February Revolution Jetton, February - November 1917. Version with a patriotic poem on the reverse. In very fine condition.

    $80.00 Russian February Revolution Jetton in bronze, 1917. Features nicely detailed artwork including female figure representing Mother Russia, a WW1Russian soldier, and a peasant breaking the chains. In excellent condition, very uncommon for a jetton of the Provisional Government period.

    $75.00 Russian February Revolution Jetton by D. Kuchkin Factory, February - November 1917. Features uncommon artwork with sitting female figure representing Russia, a motto "Long Live the Democratic Republic!" and an interesting maritime motif. In excellent condition.

    $125.00 Jetton in Commemoration of the Patriotic War of 1812. The obverse features bas-relief portrait of Emperor Alexander I while the reverse shows the 1812 Fire of Moscow. Beautifully detailed piece in excellent condition.

    $220.00 Jetton in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Emancipation of Serfs by Emperor Alexander II, 1911 issue. A very uncommon piece and beautifully detailed piece in brass with portrait of the "Tsar-Liberator" in high tri-dimensional relief.

    $70.00 Brass Jetton in Commemoration of the 1878 Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Turks by the Russian Army. The obverse features portrait of Emperor Alexander II the Liberator. In fine condition.

    $540.00 Silver and Enamel Imperial Era Fencing Award Jetton with a "bookmark style" attachment and Gold Details. A very elegant and unusual piece.

    $250.00 Rural Court Judge (Volostnoy Sudya) of Kamenets- Podolskiy District, breast badge, 1889 - 1912. In very fine condition. Includes original chains and parts of the suspension bar.

    $240.00 Rural Court Judge (Volostnoy Sudya), breast badge, 1912-1917. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $350.00 Soltys (Village Elder), Identification badge, Polish territories of the Russian Empire, 1904 through 1917.

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