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     Home > SOVIET ORDERS AND MEDALS > Order of Glory
    Order of Glory
    $11,750.00 Order of Glory, 1st cl., #1049, awarded in June 1945 to a Guards Sergeant, driver of an SU-85 self-propelled gun. He earned the decoration during the battle for the Oder River bridgehead on 31 January 1945. His assault gun was the first to break into a German village where it eliminated three enemy weapon nests, destroyed an armored personnel carrier and two other vehicles, and disabled a PzKpfw IV medium tank. His SU- 85 burned down in this skirmish after receiving a direct hit - at least the third of his machines to suffer this fate over the course of the war - but once again, he survived the ordeal. The order is in excellent condition, extraordinary for a Glory 1st cl. bestowed before the end of WW2. Comes with a copy of award commendations for all three Orders of Glory.

    $950.00 Order of Glory, 2nd cl, Type 2 ("thin"), #10665, February 1945 issue to an artillery sergeant in a Guards Cavalry unit. During the offensive in East Prussia he commanded a gun crew that within two days destroyed two German military trucks, wiped out a machine-gun nest, and eliminated 25 German soldiers. It is interesting to note that the fighting took place on approaches to Tannenburg, the same area where Russian Imperial Army suffered a catastrophic defeat in 1914. The outcome of course would be very different in 1945. The order is in very fine condition. Comes with archival research.

    $850.00 Order of Glory, 2nd cl., Type 3, #24084, awarded to a Sergeant Major of the Guards Artillery, 1st Belorussian Front. A veteran of the battle of Stalingrad, liberation of Odessa, and forced crossings of the Dnieper, Vistula and Oder, he had been previously awarded with two Medals for Valor and Order of Glory, 3rd cl. He earned the Glory 2nd cl. on the first days of the battle for Berlin by destroying eight German machine- guns, two pillboxes, and large number of infantry near Seelow Heights. The order is in fine to very fine condition. Includes archival research.

    $180.00 Order of Glory, 3rd cl, Type 2, Variation 1, #81474, circa mid-1944. Note the five-digit serial number. An uncommon early version in very fine to excellent condition.

    $95.00 Order of Glory, 3rd class, Type 2 Var. 1, #359793, circa late 1944 - early 1945. In very fine to excellent condition. An attractive late war piece on original suspension.

    $280.00 Complete Documented Group of 2 to a Combat Engineers Private. Includes Order of Glory 3rd cl. earned at Koenigsberg and a 1985 Order of the Patriotic War 1st cl. Comes with award commendation for the Order of Glory. Both awards are in excellent condition.

    $105.00 Order of Glory, 3rd class, #793030, circa 1970s. A belated award to a WW2 veteran. In near mint condition.

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