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    Photos of Imperial Russia
    $60.00 Early Civil War Era Oval Portrait of a Probable White Army Officer: A Russian Army Lieutenant, 248th Regiment.

    $90.00 Rare Army Officer in overcoat with St George Sword, full length studio portrait, Early 1900s, basic carte-de-visite format, very unusual and informative.

    $80.00 Rare Army Officer wearing tunic and bearing a Saint George Sword, full length studio portrait circa early 1900s, basic carte-de-visite format.

    $70.00 Snapshot "In the Field " of a Heroic WW I Russian Infantryman, Winner of Three St George Crosses.

    $45.00 Portrait of Enlisted Man in winter uniform, circa early WW I: Astrakhan hat, rakishly worn, and a St George Medal for Bravery, 4th Class!.

    $35.00 Pre-WW I Russian Cavalryman Wearing the Medal of the Swedish Order of Vasa.

    $30.00 Two Russian Soldiers c 1900 Wearing Large Civilian Watch Chains in Lieu of Actual Regimental Jettons.

    $50.00 Studio Photograph of Two First World War Russian Artillerymen, both with Romanov Tercentenary Medals - a Great Uniform Study.

    $55.00 Group Portrait of Three Pre-WW I Military Engineers/Sappers.

    $55.00 Dandified Enlisted Sailor with Silver Handled Cane, Signal Service of the Southern Fleet Cap Tally 1918.

    $45.00 Well Preserved 1915 St Petersburg Carte de Visite of a Sergeant in Full Dress Wearing a Leather Cross Belt /Sword Harness.

    $35.00 Two 1916 Papakha-Wearing Infantry Privates, Probable Brothers, in Overcoats.

    $35.00 Army Private with Tercentenary Medal Poses with Friends or Relatives.

    $30.00 Enlisted Artilleryman C 1914, Possibly Attached to the Sevastopol Fortress Unit.

    $30.00 Rare Snapshot of WW I Russian Army Encampment or Field Hospital.

    $35.00 Textbook Mustached WW I Russian Sergeant "Under Arms" in Overcoat and Papakha with Sword.

    $40.00 Large Cabinet Photo taken in the field of two Imperial Army Privates, one Infantry, the other in the Imperial Russian Air Service, dated December of 1914 on the reverse.

    $25.00 Cabinet photo of two infantry soldiers, possibly brothers, taken at a Moscow studio on Tverskaya Street, circa 1900-1914.

    $35.00 Militia Volunteer in Uniform C 1914.

    $45.00 Russian Enlisted Man in Overcoat, studio portrait dated 1915 Clear, very collectible photo of the archtypical First World War "Ivan"

    $40.00 Studio Photo of an NCO with Book and Flowers circa early 1900s Very informative photo provides excellent detail of the sergeant's uniform.

    $35.00 WWI Enlisted man and two NCOs, studio photo dated 1917 Interesting character study.

    $35.00 Studio Photo of an Artillery NCO circa early 1900s. Excellent condition Very sharp image provides excellent detail of the uniform

    $45.00 Rare Wedding Portrait Taken During the Civil War, dated 9 November 1919 In excellent condition, showing an Officer and his Bride along with their Best Man and Bridesmaid

    $35.00 Russian Soldier (wearing a new, possibly private purchase, uniform) posing with his Girl Friend; a circa early 1900s studio photo, An interesting picture.

    $30.00 Studio Photo of a Russian Militia enlisted man with his wife and child, dated 1914, attractive and informative in details of the uniform and clothing of the wife and child.

    $25.00 First World War Nurse or Volunteer Nurse's Helper, c 1914.

    $20.00 Trio of Russian Nurses in Freshly Pressed Uniforms Pose in a 1915 cabinet photograph.

    $45.00 WWI Enlisted Men / NCOs convalescing, studio photo with nurses circa 1914-1917. Unusual image, the first relaxed hospital group photo we've seen.

    $55.00 Cabinet Photograph of a St Petersburg Mining Institute Student.

    $30.00 Carte de Visite of Young Pince Nez-wearing University Scholar.

    $40.00 Dashing University Student or Civil Servant in Fur Collared Overcoat, c 1910.

    $35.00 Large cabinet card portrait of a University Student circa late 1800sby A. Yasvoin, "Photographer to the Russian Royal Family".

    $20.00 Moscow studio portrait of a teenager or young adult wearing a high-collared military style jacket, circa 1890-1900. Possibly either a then current or "traditional" coat from the Corps of Pages or one of the military schools in the Moscow area.

    $30.00 Cabinet Photo of a Portly Farmer's Market Policeman Posing with His 1881 Pattern Shaska.

    $45.00 Handsome Portrait of a Barrister or Mid-Level Law Court Official.

    $35.00 Large Moscow Portrait of a Sword-bearing Officer with an "Archducal" Mustache and Goatee.

    $75.00 Young Nobleman and Uniformed Member of the Imperial Retinue.

    $40.00 Uniformed Civil Servant or Court Official wearing Saint Stanislaus 4th Class and His Regulation Civil Servant's 1855 Pattern Small Sword.

    $30.00 Russian State Employee cabinet photo w/ inscription to a friend, 1 January 1902. Clear images for imperial badge aficionados and collectors.

    $35.00 Three Well Fed and Well Dressed Boys in Full Cossack Gear, Complete With Matching Kinjals.

    $15.00 Large cabinet photo of a lady, early 1900s. Front and verso show Nicholas II Medal for Zeal awarded to the Photo Studio.

    $25.00 Russian Lady and Child, cabinet card photo, circa early 1900s. Classic image in excellent condition.

    $30.00 Large Studio Photo of Russian Intelligentsia. A very interesting group of people with a probable noblewoman seated in the middle, photo circa early 1900s.

    $25.00 Studio Photo of Four Well Dressed Friends, c1910.

    $25.00 Cabinet Card Portrait of a Young Gentleman with Impressive Pompadour and Mustache.

    $20.00 Carte de visite of a Beautiful Young Woman from Lepel (in present day Belarus).

    $20.00 Russian Man standing in his garden, cabinet card photo, circa 1900.

    $25.00 Faculty and Staff of the Teachers Council of a Methodist School somewhere in China, 1925-26, photographic print mounted on mat board. Probably originally framed and displayed in the headmaster's office.

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