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     Home > SOVIET ORDERS AND MEDALS > Documented Award Groups
    Documented Award Groups
    $14,600.00 Documented Group of Two: Order of Suvorov 3rd cl. #3143 and Order of Kutuzov 3rd cl. #7717 (rare version with serial number and mint mark at 6 o'clock), with the order booklet. Awarded to a rifle battalion commander. He was the first to cross the Bug River (marking the Soviet western frontier) in August 1944, and led an assault that carried three fortified German lines during the January 1945 offensive in Poland. For the former feat, he was recommended for the Title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but received "just" the Kutuzov 3rd cl. Both awards are in excellent condition. The group includes comprehensive archival research and English translation.

    $4,600.00 Group of 7 Decorations to Radio Communications Commander of a WW2 fighter air division. The group includes his WW2 Order of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner ("plain" and 2nd award), early Order of the Red Star (#23400), Medal for XX Anniversary of RKKA, and two other medals. Also included are the order booklet and three other awards documents - one of which is hand-signed by a Hero of the Soviet Union and another one by a general. Most awards are in superb condition. This group, a small medal collection in and of itself, comes with comprehensive archival research and English translation.

    $4,500.00 Documented group of a Hero of Socialist Labor agricultural worker, 1973 issue. Includes Gold "Hammer and Sickle" Medal, Order of Lenin issued with it, and two award documents: Order Booklet and Hero's Photo ID (aka "Small Certificate".) The recipient was a foreman of a collective farm in the Lugansk Region of Ukraine (currently a war zone in the disputed area between Ukraine and the Russian-backed separatist rebels.) Both the awards and documents are in outstanding condition.

    $2,990.00 Group of 6 decorations and 7award documents to a Police Lieut. General, Minister of Interior of the Soviet Republic of Georgia. Among the awards are WW2 Order of the Red Star, two post-war civilian orders, and documented medals for the Defense of Moscow, Protecting the Public Order, and Guarding the USSR State Border (Var. 1 in silver.) The group also includes a documented Police 60th Anniversary table medal in original folio case. The recipient served as a high-ranking KGB operative before becoming Minister of MVD of Georgian SSR from 1972-79. The person he succeeded on that post was none other than Eduard Shevardnadze - the future Soviet foreign minister under Gorbachev and later, president of the newly independent Republic of Georgia. An extremely uncommon group to a very important Soviet official.

    $2,950.00 Complete Documented Group of Two WW2 Decorations including Order of Lenin Type 5 Var. 2 #26600 (scarce version without the "dimple") and Order of the Red Banner. Comes with order booklet that shows only these two awards. The entire group is in outstanding condition.

    $2,700.00 Complete Documented Group of 3 Awards: Order of Alexander Nevsky, Medal for Valor and Medal for Victory over Germany. The Nevsky is an extremely scarce version with serial number 12229 engraved at 5 o'clock. All three decorations are in near mint condition; the Nevsky in particular is literally impossible to upgrade condition-wise. The recipient, an Infantry platoon commander, had been wounded in combat four times and incapacitated by the end of the war. Comes with archival research and translation.

    $995.00 Group of two Orders of Glory, 2nd and 3rd cl. to a Guards Artillery NCO, a Georgian national. The Glory 2nd cl. is an early Type 2 ("Thin" version). The orders are in very fine to excellent condition and come with archival research. The 3rd class was awarded for destroying a German tank near Lake Balaton in Hungary in December 1944, while the 2nd class was bestowed for disabling two enemy armored personnel carriers and two machine gun nests during the storming of Vienna in April 1945. A quintessential WW2 combat award group of a Soviet soldier!

    $280.00 Complete Documented Group of 2 to a Combat Engineers Private. Includes Order of Glory 3rd cl. earned at Koenigsberg and a 1985 Order of the Patriotic War 1st cl. Comes with award commendation for the Order of Glory. Both awards are in excellent condition.

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