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Badge of a Graduate of the Naval Submarine Officer Training Program ("Classes"), by Eduard, 1910-1917.

In silver; measures 41.7 mm in height, 41.4 mm in width; weighs 22.1 g. A very intricately designed and complex badge. The submarine, mooring rope and anchor are separate pieces supporting each other and attached to the chain framing the badge. The links of the chain are also separate pieces carefully assembled into a continuous line. The reverse of the sub on the bow side shows silver hallmark "84" with "Kokoshnik" and Greek character Alpha, a designation of the St. Petersburg assay inspection. Closer to the stern, there is a Cyrillic maker mark ВД ("VD") of the famous Eduard jewelry firm; the letters in the logo are the initials of Vera Dietwald, the heiress of the original owner Eduard Dietwald (she went on to run the company after the death of her husband in 1910). Slightly below and to the right of the maker's logo is a round St. Petersburg assayer's mark with "Kokoshnik".

The badge is in excellent condition. Beside a few tiny dings to the chain, the raised portions do not show noticeable wear and all the details remain perfectly crisp. The parts are firmly attached. The silver exhibits very attractive even patina throughout. The screw post is full length, approx. 13 mm.

The wing nut in unmarked silver is of the period and fits perfectly, although it is not original to this particular badge.

Please note, penny in our photo is for size reference.

/See Patrikeev, Boynovich, Badges of Russia, Vol. 1, fig. 1.1.64/

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